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Maintenance Packages

Whilst unexpected problems inevitably have a bad habit of cropping and always at the most inconsiderate of times, reactive maintenance is a core component of any facility’s management strategy and something we can most definitely help you with. Ultimately, it’s always more cost-effective to address a situation before it has been allowed to develop. This approach will avoid unexpected shutdowns, costly repairs and loss of profits.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Is prevention really better than cure? At Advance PM we believe so.

Ensuring your business can run smoothly throughout year is essential to any companies success. For many, this means employing the services of a planned maintenance company such as Advance PM. If you are unsure however, ask yourself whether your business could manage an interruption to its everyday operations? Would a leaking roof halt your operation? How would your staff feel about an unwelcome infestation? What would your customers make of unsanitary and dilapidated premises? Every business has a responsibility to maintain a safe, clean and secure environment for their employees to operate in. Ensuring this will lead to happier staff, greater productivity and a generally more profitable operation. Well maintained buildings also provide a lasting return on your investment – whatever their use.

Reactive maintenance

No matter if you operate a large facility or manage multiple sites on a National scale, you need to ensure all aspects of your business are cared for properly and that is where Advance PM come in. We will not only help create a safe and healthy working environment for your staff and customers but will also ensure that your business runs smoothly and continues to operate at peak efficiency. To help you with this, we provide a fully comprehensive reactive maintenance service.

  • Building services
  • Manual and automatic Door maintenance and repair
  • Glazing maintenance and repair
  • All types of flooring repairs, maintenance and replacement
  • Decorating
  • Roofing
  • Pest Control